When girls paint their faces on snap chat I’m just like: srsly, why are u taking a selfie and paint your face. #nolife

Do you see peeta’s face? He’s broken. Snow is a monstet for hurting this baby.

Do you see Johanna’s face? She’s going to kill those people who captured her and Peeta. It’s all over her face. She has murder written all over her face.

'President Snow's Panem Address #2 - "Unity" (4K)' bekijken op YouTube

President Snow’s Panem Address #2 - “Unity” (4K):

The moment when Katniss Everdeen becomes Katniss Mellark

That moment when Gus can’t control the fangirl inside of him.

Me when Mockingjay part 2 ends.

Everybody is talking about the elevator

scene or when Chaff from District 11 kisses Katniss.

When we actually need to talk about


So, I saw this for like 1000 times. Did you notice that Josh touched her butt? TWICE. One time with his fake sword and you hear ‘slap’ and then Jen push him and he falls and then he does it another time. JOSHIFER.

Stephanie Meyer: thought us that love is infinity.

Suzanne collins: thought us how to survive.

John green: thougt us that life doesn’t have to be perfect to have the greatest things in life.

Can you see it? How close Jennifer is to Josh and how close she is to Liam? I mean, they’re friends I know. But I am 100% sure they would be dating in the future and have little joshifer babies. Omfg. JOSHIFER FOREVER

LOOK AT THIS! She’s one of us, right?! I mean, SHE’S READING A FUCKING BOOK. That means she loves books, and that means she could be in a fandom what means she’s probaly a fangirl like US. Do you understand the logic? OMFG.

She’s reading a book.



Josh misspelling Jennifer’s name

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Another body language. Google hangout

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How Josh and Jen become a couple:
Jen is crying in her trailer while the cast is on the mockingjay set. ‘Where’s Jen?’ Josh asks his stylist. ‘I-I don’t know. The last time I saw her was in her trailer. She’s a little bit upset.’ The stylist answers on Josh’s question. Josh walks to Jen’s trailer and knock on the door. No response. He listen to Jen’s soft sobs. He opens the door and sees Jennifer crying on her bed. He walks in her trailer and close the door behind him and sit next to Jennifer. ‘Hey Jen. What’s up?’ he asks and rubs her back gentle. ‘I-it’s N-Nick.’ She sobs. ‘He d-dumpe-d m-me’ ‘Ahw baby come here.’ Josh says to her and he pulls her gentle in his chest while Jen cries her eyeballs out.
After an hour Jen stops crying. ‘It’s okay. It’s okay.’ Josh calms her and strokes her hair. ‘Really?’ jen asks him. ‘Really.’ he say and looks her in the eye. He feels butterflies in his stomach. ‘Let’s go back to the set. They’re worried about where we are.’ he says and smiles at Jen. ‘I can’t.’ she says to him and stares at him. ‘Of course you can! You’re Jennifer Lawrence!’ he says with a big smile. ‘Look at my face. It’s red and my eyes. I’m ugly.’ she says while she looks in the mirror and touch her face. ‘No, you’re beautiful.’ Josh says while he walks up to her. She turns around so she can face him. She’s still taller than Josh. ‘We need to go back to the set Jen. Don’t worry about your face. It’s still beautiful.’ Josh says and let Jennifer smile. They quickly head back to the set.

*A few weeks later*
-Josh and Jennifer were closer than ever. Jennifer wasn’t 100% over Nick but she didn’t care anymore. She had a new love, and she knew that it was more than a few weeks. She knew that she was in love with the guy when they first met, Josh.- Over a few weeks was the mockingjay part 1 movie premiere, she needed to tell it to Josh. She grabs her phone and dials Josh’s’ number. ‘Jennifer, is everything ok?’ his sexy voice says. Jennifer didn’t know what to say. ‘Yes eh, I need to speak to you. Right now.’ she says. ‘Ok. I’ll be over in 5 minutes.’ Josh’s calm voice says and then the line was dead. After 5 minutes there was a knock on Jen’s trailer door. She walks to the door and before she opens it she looks in the mirror. She opens the door to see a sexy Josh in his favorite white v-neck and his sweatpants. ‘Come in.’ she stutter and let him in. Josh walks in with a strange look on his face. ‘What is going on?’ he asks and looks at Jennifer. She bites her lower lip and looks at her hands, avoiding his eyes. ‘I… Eh..’ She stutter and begin to blush. ‘I… Think I have feelings for you, Josh.’ she says and makes eye contact with Josh. ‘You do?’ he asks her with a smile. Jen nods her head and her cheeks were red like tomatoes. Josh walks to Jen and kiss her soft and passionate saying that he has feelings for Jen too. Jen kiss him back and is happier than ever before. After a couple of minutes of standing in Jen’s trailer while making out they both pull away for air. ‘When did you realize?’ Josh asks Jen. ‘I had always feelings for you but I ignored them. And the day Nick broke up with me, I didn’t pushed my feelings away. I fell in love with you every time I saw you. And I wanted to tell because I’ve couldn’t hide it anymore.’ she says when she looks at Josh. A smile appears on his face. He walks back to her and begin to kiss her but they can’t finish their moment because there’s a knock on the door. ‘Jen are you there? You need to go back to the set for the new scene.’ her stylist says. ‘Yes I’m coming!’ she screams. She walks to the door with Josh behind her. She turns around to look into Josh’s perfect hazel eyes. ‘I see you tonight.’ she says and kiss him soft and walks away.

*A few months later.*
- Tonight is the night when the Mockingjay part 1 premiere is. Jen is excited for it because she’s going with Josh and they’re bringing up that they’re a couple. - Jen’s stylists are helping with her dress she picked out. It’s a wide strapless dress. They’re helping jennifer in it. When she’s ready they leave Jen’s trailer and head to the car and see Josh waiting for her. He opens the door for her and she goes in with Josh. She smiles as the driver rides them to the red carpet. Before they leave the car Jen grabs Josh hand and smiles at him and give him a soft kiss and then step out of the car and walk the red carpet together and show the world that they’re a couple

Sorry for my bad English hehe


Jennifer: Jena and I had our morning sickness bracelets on. So that was hard trying to keep your cookies down during that situation.
Morning sickness or motion sickness? If there’s something you wanna tell me, maybe now is not the best place!

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